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Biography of Robert “Hubby” Paddock

I was born with “The Knack,” per Dilbert®, and have been programming and designing Embedded Systems ever since. I am an American Society for Quality - Certified Quality Software Engineer, with background in Analog/ Digital hardware system design and layout. Designing low power ‘Green’ systems are now all the rage. I have designed Embedded Systems like these, that ran on batteries or other low power energy sources, such as Intrinsically Safe systems, for years. I understand the Medical Implants power challenges as my Dare-To-Dream Medtech Design Challenge 3rd place win demonstrates.

Dare to Dream Prototype

I worked for many years in a electronic Contract Manufacturing (CM) environment. I know what it takes to have a idea come in on the back of a napkin and get a finished product out the door, from Bill-of-Material (BOM) to PCB. See my blog on the subject: “Is there a rule of thumb for estimating the cost of getting circuit boards assembled?

My work for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)/National Institute for Occupation Safety and Health (NIOSH) Mining Division may be found in the these links: “A Technology Review of Smart Sensors with Wireless Networks for Applications in Hazardous Work Environments” by John J. Sammarco, Ph.D., P.E., Robert Paddock, CSQE, Edward F. Fries, and Vijia K. Karra, Ph.D. and

My name is found in the First Edition of the uCOS-II Real Time Operating System (RTOS) book: “MicroC/-II The Real-Time Kernel; A complete portable, ROMable scalable preemptive RTOS,” and the wxWidget book: “Cross-Platform Programming with wxWidgets (Bruce Perens Open Source).”

My particular interests are in the area of requirements management and Software Safety. See my award winning website on the subject at and my blog

Now I am returning my interest to the medical tech field, one I helped start. It is my goal to bring better imaging techniques for finding CSF Leaks to the world via T-Rays (THz) a safer 3D Real Time alternative to X-Rays with optical phase conjugation.

If I may be of some help to you or your organization with technology or speaking about any of the subjects raised in this book please contact me at or (814) 671-2113.

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