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The Designer-III Company, LLC.

Franklin, Pennsylvania

ISBN 978-1-5173325-3-2

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If you fell, I can help you, or for more information, contact me through my email at or by phone at 1-814-314-9158.

In the Kindle version of the book, the colored links lead back to the relevant section of Karen’s Journal website or other site for more information. The print edition contains Quick Response Code (QR Codes) images for important web links. All smart phones either come with or can have a QR Code reader app installed. Taking a picture of the code will enter the website address on to your phone or tablet where the link can be opened or pass it on to someone without having to type long addresses on the device.

Most everything in this book, and additional information that is constantly being added, is available online at, which you can access using the QR code at the right.

See: to order additional copies. Proceeds from books purchased at the above link go directly to the Spinal CSF Leak Foundation.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

1-800-273-TALK (8255)

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